Saturday, 28 September 2013

Deontay Wilder Vs Nicolai Firtha. Stepping up???

Deontay Wilder Vs Nicolai Firtha.

 Will Wilder EVER Step UP?

It was announced this week that Wilder’s next fight will be on Oct 26th on the undercard of the Hopkins Vs Furat against Nicolai Firtha (21-10-1, 8 KO’s).

As you can see from his record Firtha has TEN losses. Wilder will be having his 30th pro fight against Firtha and is yet to step up to a level that could be classed anywhere near respectable.

Whilst Firtha is a tough cookie, he is just a journeyman and the level of fighter that Wilder should have fought two years ago, not now as he talks about taking control of the heavyweight scene. In fact Tyson Fury fought Firtha 2 years ago in his 15th fight and beat him in the 5th round. I take Wilder to win within 2 rounds.

I fail to see why his management have set this fight up. They have said that they couldn’t find any other opponent at this short notice, yet Kevin Johnson has said he would have taken the fight had he received a call. The call never came...

Wilder’s career and record is being carefully manufactured whilst it will and does look good on paper, if you look at the detail the quality of opponent has been awful. Biggest names on his CV are Harrison and Liakhovich. Not names that strike fear into any top 15 heavyweight in the world. However a record of 29 fights, 29 wins, 29 KOs will cause headlines and create a great deal of interest, meaning money and as well all know money talks!

Next year has to be the year that Wilder steps up. He has to start fighting top 20 ranked fighters, all these journeymen are OK when starting out but not after 30 fights and 5 years in the pro ranks. I’m pretty sure that the thought of beating Lamar Clarks record of 44 consecutive Kos has crossed his mind, but there is a bigger picture here. Wilder’s fans will tell you “BombSquad” is going to clean up in 2014, well not by fighting journeymen he won’t.

One possible opponent for Wilder could be David Price. Price told Ringside on SKY “I’d fight Deontay Wilder in a heartbeat. I know he’s a ferocious puncher, but so am I. I’m a big puncher, and I’d definitely fight Deontay Wilder.” Who would win is a debate for another time, it would raise the profile in Europe of Wilder, however I wonder how he’ll fair when he is eventually pushed past 4/5 rounds which he would be against a Chisora or an Adamek, would he have the stamina to continue or would he simply fade and get stopped?

If he doesn’t start to step it up then he may find his world crashing in around him leaving him nowhere to go.

I wish him well...

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Chisora - Looking to the future.

Chisora – Hoping for another chance...

This evening at The Copper Box in London, Dereck Chisora can take a huge step towards having another shot at the world title when he fights Edmund Gerber in a 12 round fight for the vacant European Heavyweight Title. First he wants a rematch with the winner of the Haye Vs Fury fight – (he has fought them both).

Gerber is a 25 year old German with a record of 24 fights, 23 wins (14 KO) and 1 loss. His one loss coming to Michael Sprott in Dec last year. 

Despite his apparent lack of experience vs Chisora’s he is full of confidence - “Chisora only knows one gear. The key to beating him is simple: impress him with your punching power and looseness. Over the rounds, he then will run out of ideas. And when he starts risking too much, I will knock his lights out. I feel more than ready and want to take the next step in my career. This is the chance I have been waiting for. Now it is time to take this big opportunity. My whole team is confident that I will beat Chisora and so am I.” 

On the likely hostile atmosphere he is likely to feel from the London crowd - “I will take no notice of them. In fact, they can boo me as loud as they want. At the end of it all, it will be me who will be holding the European belt and it will be the crowd who will be stunned into silence.”

Chisora is the Jekyll and hyde character of world boxing the man that has spat at one Klitschko and slapped another, and was supposed to have fought Deontay Wilder back in June before Wilder’s past caught up with him and he was denied a visa. He has been to anger management classes while his British licence was suspended and as a result was given it back.

His record reads 21 fights, 17 wins (11 KOs) with 4 losses. He has been in the ring with Haye, Fury, Helenius, Vitali Klitschko and top contender Malik Scott. He has a whole wealth of experience and has fought some of the best heavyweights around, a lesson some others could learn if they want credibility.

Dereck Chisora: "Beating Gerber is another step closer to the Klitschko brothers and nothing is going to stop me winning the European title. I'm fit, lean and mean and ready to do the business against Gerber who is a good fighter, but not in my class. I really want to do a great job on him, really smash him up and show that I deserve a shot at the Klitschkos."

However the Klitschkos may have to wait. Chisora: "To be honest with you, and people shouldn't take this the wrong way, but I think there are better fights in Great Britain than us [Haye, Fury, Chisora] going to challenge for the world title, There's a good mix with Tyson Fury, David Haye and myself. It's alright boxing for the world title and everybody just trying to go and dance with the K2 promotions music. 

Let's do our own thing and when they're ready to give up the titles then people can fight for those world titles. Fighters are making money when they're not in world title fights. Why should I say I want to box for a world title when the Klitschkos are trying to slave you for the world titles you're fighting for. 

I don't like those guys the more I talk about them the more I get upset."

Whoever Chisora fights next, he must concentrate on tonight as the European Title is a sought after belt and is seen as one worth having by future title challengers. His previous attempt at winning this belt resulting in him being robbed by a hometown decision Vs Helenius, who doesn’t seem to have moved onwards with his career, although some injuries haven’t helped.

I hope the fighter that fought Klitschko turns up tonight and not the fighter who fought Avila at Rule Britannia in April. That fighter will lose tonight and another loss on Chisora’s record could result in him becoming another journeyman and never really fulfilling his ambition or utilising his immense talent.

My feelings are that he will have too much power and experience for Gerber and will grind him down to win by stoppage around the 6th or 7th round.

I wish them both well...