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Terry Flanagan About To Become A Two Weight World Champion - Does The World Know or Care??

Terry Flanagan About To Become A Two Weight World Champion - Does The World Know or Care??

There IS A World Title at stake this weekend in Manchester...
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There is a world title title fight happening this weekend which is perhaps the main event or the undercard, depending on your point of view.
That point of view would depend on which story you are listening to from Frank Warren though and what your thoughts on the return of Tyson Fury are.
Warren has stated time and again that the comeback of Fury isn't the main event, even though it did have it's own press conference this week, whilst "the undercard", including Terry Flanagan had it's press conference the day after.
Are they both world level fighters? Again this depends on your point of view..
Flanagan will come up against Maurice Hooker on Saturday night for the vacant WBO super lightweight title. For many Flanagan is in for an easy night, I don't think it will be as easy as some predict, although I don;t see how Hooker can win it. "Turbo" Terry has been a lightweight world champion for almost 3 years having had five defences, none of which have really got the blood flowing. Some would say he is a boring fighter, I would say he is just too good and doesn't get anywhere near the respect he should.
Flanagan is an unassuming fighter who goes about his business with no bluster or bullsh*t. A southpaw who really is a class act in the ring, but is sometimes lacking in persona out of the ring. Therein lies the problem why he isn't held in the same regard as Fury, Groves, Joshua, DeGale, etc in the minds of the British boxing public.
Boxing politics has always seemed to be the enemy of Flanagan and Warren -
Flanagan - "When I won the world title we made Jorge Linares an offer before he fought Anthony Crolla. He took less money to fight Crolla. We were close to making the fight with Linares and then the rematch with Crolla happened. I was always on Frank’s case trying to get big fights, but it didn’t happen for multiple reasons.”
Many would have loved to have seen Flanagan Vs Crolla, a symptom of the Warren/Hearn nonsense.
His opponent Hooker is a good fighter (23 wins, 16 by KO, with 3 draws), although his best performance was against Darleys Perez, 18 months ago which ended in a split draw, a decision many thought he was lucky to get away with. Apart from that he hasn't fought at the level that Flanagan has and may well find himself in deep water early on. Although in boxing as many of you know, one punch can change everything. Hooker after all has won 16 of his 23 fights via KO and is the natural super lightweight, whilst Flanagan is moving up in weight.
Hooker expects a close, explosive fight on Saturday between the two of them -
“I’m back now and better than ever. I’m ready to show the whole world who I am. Before that fight with Darleys Perez, everybody was scared to fight me. I’m still that monster, I’m still that dog. Come Saturday night, I’m going to punch him in the mouth and I might knock him out in the first round. Come Saturday night, I pray for him, because I mean business when I get in that ring. It’s my best against his best. We’ve got a fight Saturday night, so don’t blink.”


Personally I think this will go the distance with Flanagan winning via a UD. He doesn't carry the power to KO Hooker and Hooker doesn't have the skill to cut the ring off and stop the southpaw Flanagan, unless there is a mistake by either fighter, this will go the distance.
Irrespective of who thinks what, this is the main event I feel and is the one fight on the whole card that I am looking forward to the most, the circus can wait for another day.
I wish them both well...
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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The night Joshua became one of the three wise kings..

The night Joshua became one of the three wise kings..
My thoughts on the fighters in action at the O2 last weekend - 
Ohara Davies carries a lot of power, he's certainly one for the future, been called out by a lot of "big" names in the lighweight division and wants to fight them all. Some think he should slowly build, however I think he should take up the offer thrown out to him by Scott Cardle. Certainly one to watch. 
By the look of my twitter timeline last saturday night Jamie Mcdonnell is a real class fighter. Sorry to p*ss on some chips here, however he's very, very average in my opinion. Laboured to the 9th round finish, should have had a man of Vargas' ability out of there much, much earlier. 
Matthew Macklin Vs Brian Rose was a good fight, as Froch said a real industry fight. Difficult to see where Rose goes from his defeat last night, whilst I can see Macklin going on to get a shot (even though he missed the weight) at somebody in the IBF top 10, if he steps into the ring with GGG, he'll be stopped in the first. 
Lee Selby had to dig deep, especially after being knocked down. I don't think many thought Hunter would put up the fight that he did, irrespective of his ranking. Not sure about the loss of points for low blows for Hunter didn't look low to me. Selby is moving into his prime nicely and I could see him unifying all the belts. 
Conor Benn seems a very likeable young man. Too early to say whether he's a prospect or not, however all the talk by people who know him feel that he really is the real deal. Did what he needed to do and kept throwing till the ref said stop, that shows the right instincts. Welled up a bit seeing how proud his Dad was afterwards. I look forward to following his journey with great interest. 
George Groves beat Brophy as expected too. He still looks sloppy and misses with his right more than he hits in the first two rounds. That has always been his problem. Let see if Shane McGuigan can finally sort that out. Groves believes he is still getting better, I believe he has been "Cobra'ed". He talked last night about fighting Callum Smith next, if does then it is all over badly and quickly for St George. 
Anthony Joshua. What did we learn? He has power, has precision and he took his chance to finish it when it came along (although I think Martin f**ked up with the count). So we really didn't learn anything that we didn't already know. Having said that Joshua has a belt now and has to be taken seriously. Looks like he's going to fight Malik Scott next (nice easy first defence which he has earned I feel). Charles Martin will go back to being a top 25 HW which is where he was before he got his shot Vs Glazkov. Still don't really know how good he is/was (3 fights ago he fought Tom Dallas). I liked Joshua in the post fight ring interview and thought he came across very well and respectful. 
Joshua spoke about the hype, something I may have mentioned before, his response made me think slightly....
I wish them all well...

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The IBF Press Release & My View...

 The IBF Seek To Clarify Their Position On Tyson Fury.

The IBF Belt

Whilst many think the decision to strip Tyson Fury of his IBF belt only a week after winning it, the IBF make a pretty clear case for why they did -
IBF Press Release (December 9, 2015):  
"The IBF Heavyweight World Title, which was won by Tyson Fury on November 28, 2015 when he beat the reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko in an optional defense of this title, was vacated on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 by the IBF as Tyson Fury is unable to make the mandatory defense of the IBF title against challenger Vyacheslav Glaskov because he is contractually obligated to a rematch with Klitschko, which is in direct violation of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests. 

On November 30, 2015, the IBF reminded Tyson Fury via an email in care of Hennessy Sports that the bout on November 28 was considered a mandatory defense of both the WBA and WBO Heavyweight titles and that his next bout was to be the IBF mandatory defense against Vyacheslav Glazkov, the #1 contender and the leading available contender for the IBF mandatory defense.  This bout was due next in the rotation of mandatory defenses of the titles.  Furthermore, Fury was informed that negotiations with Glazkov should commence immediately and be concluded by December 30, 2015. He was advised that if an agreement was not reached between the two parties by December 30, 2015, the IBF would call for a purse bid.  Glazkov’s promoter Main Events was copied on this letter.

On December 1, 2015, the IBF received a letter via email from Patrick C. English on behalf of Main Events indicating that Main Events was unwilling to negotiate and requested that the IBF order an immediate purse bid in accordance with Rule 10.A. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests.  Rule 10.A. cites in part: “If the camps are unable to come to an agreement as to the promotion of a title bout in the initial thirty (30) day negotiation period, or if one of the camps certifies in writing during the negotiation period that he is not willing to participate in negotiations, the President of the IBF/USBA shall notify each registered promoter that a purse offer will be held.”  Accordingly, the IBF ordered a purse bid to be held on December 11, 2015.

Following the title fight between Klitschko and Fury, the IBF became aware for the first time that there was a contractual agreement between both fighters for an immediate rematch. There were no provisions for any rematch in the contracts which were submitted to the IBF prior to the IBF agreeing to sanction the Klitschko vs. Fury bout.  Rule 3.B. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests states:  

“No contract for a Championship contest shall contain any clause or any provision, whatsoever, guaranteeing or in any way assuring or promising either contestant a return Championship contest where such clause or provision interferes with the mandatory defense of a title.”  

Had the IBF been aware of a clause in the contract that violated this rule, the parties would have been mandated to agree in writing to stage this rematch after the completion of the IBF mandatory defense.  If the parties did not agree, the title fight with Tyson Fury would not have been sanctioned by the IBF.

In a letter sent to the IBF by Harbottle & Lewis, the legal counsel retained by Hennessy Sports and Tyson Fury, the IBF was asked to consider and exercise their discretion under the IBF’s regulations and direct that an immediate rematch for the IBF Championship take place between Fury and Klitschko.  This rematch is in direct violation of an IBF rule and the IBF will not order a rematch under these circumstances.

Wladimir Klitschko has exercised his right to the contractual option agreed upon between himself and Tyson Fury for an immediate rematch, thus rendering Tyson Fury unable to make the mandatory defense of the IBF title next.  The direct rematch between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury interferes with the mandatory defense of the IBF Heavyweight title and is in violation of  Rule 3.B. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests.  Consequently, the title has been vacated in accordance to Rule 3.C.2. of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests which states: “Upon violation of this Rule, the Championship involved shall forthwith be declared vacant.”

On December 8, 2015 the IBF ordered #1, Vyacheslav Glazkov and #4, Charles Martin to begin negotiations for the vacant Heavyweight title.  The IBF received a written certification from Warriors Boxing who represents Martin, stating that he was not willing to participate in negotiations and therefore requested an immediate purse bid according to IBF Rule 10A.  The purse bid had been scheduled Friday, December 18, 2015 at 12 Noon."
Is the decision a stupid one? In my opinion, yes it is, however I see why the IBF have taken the action they have. Caught between a rock and a hard place, they could be waiting till late summer for their sanctioning fees, which I believe to be the real issue here. After all money talks...

So now we have the possibility of 3 "World Champions", however Tyson Fury is the lineal and that is what counts, isn't it?

Friday, 17 July 2015

David Price vs Erkan Teper - Full Fight.

David Price vs Erkan Teper


David Price was Ko'd in the 2nd round by Erkan Teper in his attempt to win the European Heavyweight Title.

End of the road for Price now in my opinion. Thought this was a likely outcome has never looked the same since Thompson and seemed to have learned nothing from either of those fights.

The Face of a man who knows his dreams are gone..

I had such high hopes for him once.

Good Luck David and thanks for the memories....

Friday, 27 February 2015

Lucas Browne About To Make History Again..

"Big Daddy" Browne named mandatory for Ruslan Chagaev's belt.

Lucas Browne

It has been a long, painful and sometimes frustrating road for Browne, however now his faith in his own ability and destiny has been repaid after WBA chairman Gilberto Mendoza mandated on Wednesday that Chagaev’s representatives have 30 days to negotiate the fight with Browne.

Although Lucas is a very approachable and pleasant man outside the ring he looks like he'd eat your Granny in the ring.  

Lucas Browne is the former MMA fighter, who won his first boxing contest in 2009 by KO. That has become a familiar outcome for many of his fights since, his record now stands at 22 fights, 22 wins, 19 of which have come by KO or stoppage. Of those 19, only 18 have heard the bell for the start of the 6th round. Impressive stats by anyone's standards. Whilst he would agree himself he isn't Ali, he has tremendous ability, huge power, is trained by Jeff Fenech and promoted by Ricky Hatton via Hatton Promotions.

Fenech told Boxing News in July 2014 - 
"Browne hurts me on the pads more than Tyson, He can be world heavyweight champion" 
- his prophetic words may be about to come true.

Browne's promoter Ricky Hatton (himself no stranger to title fights), had this to say to The Courier-Mail - 
"I’m delighted that Lucas has been made the WBA’s mandatory challenger. 
Chagaev has shown that he’s one of best heavyweights around, but Lucas is a massive puncher and can knock him out. Australia has never had a world champion at heavyweight so this is a chance for Lucas to make history and he’s going to grab it with both hands. 
Lucas is a warrior who’ll fight anyone at any time and he’s been itching to get back in the ring. We’ve had a lot of people asking when they’ll see him fight again and I think the fans will be very pleased now we can reveal what we’ve been working on."

Whilst Hatton was obviously very happy with the announcement, he let his annoyance at fans get the better of him tweeting - @HitmanHatton world titles take time to work on, shame none of the pricks on here know. An army of keyboard promoting know it alls.

He got his man a shot and that is all a fan can ask of a promoter. So fair play...

Chagaev is a very decent fighter, winning the "Regular" belt against Fres Oquendo by majority decision in July last year. He has had 36 fights, winning 33, 20 by KO, with 1 draw. His 2 losses have come against quality opposition, namely Klitschko (in the 9th round) and Povetkin (points after 12 rounds). Whilst he is smaller than Browne he has had a lot of success against much bigger opposition, including getting a decision over the "Beast From The East", 7 foot Nicolay Valuev. Not sure he has met many with the power of Browne though...

A big part of the negotiations for this fight will revolve around where it actually happens. I'm sure Chageav wants the "home advantage", however this fight in Australia would make some serous dollars for both fighters and if promoted right could catch the imagination of many within boxing worldwide, especially in the UK where Lucas has a very strong and loyal backing. The UK would be the second best option for this fight or perhaps the better one in the long term as it would get more exposure being in Europe. A tie up with Warren/BoxNation could be a factor too.

I can see only one outcome and that is a Browne win, late stoppage or a points win would be my bets. He will have to go to places he hasn't been before as Chageav has been and seen it all, Browne will also need to be careful as his tendancy to cut means his defence needs to be spot on. 

On 26th April 2014, I had the great pleasure to meet Lucas Browne before his fight against Eric Martel Bahoeli when he made history becoming the first Australian to be Commonwealth Champ for 122 Years. I fully expect him to create history again by becoming Australia's first ever heavyweight champion.

I wish both fighters well...


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Two British Fighters With A Huge 2015 To Come...

A big year for these men.

Around this time last year I wrote about 3 heavyweights that would have a big 2014 - Lucas Browne, Derek Chisora & Deontay Wilder.

Each had a year of differing success or non success. Wilder is about to fight for the WBC heavyweight title, Browne is trying to angle himself a shot at the WBA interim and Chisora is at a crossroads, perhaps his last crossroads..

This year I have picked just 2 fighters both British boxers who I think will have a huge year and possibly could be in world title contention in 12 months time maybe even sooner.

They are are Dillian Whyte & Adam Etches.

Dillian Whyte.

After 2 years out of the game for alleged drug taking this is the big year for Dillain. This is the man who floored and beat Anthony Joshua in the amateurs and has a lot of ground to make up to catch the Joshua hype train. His record stands at 12 fights, 12 wins, 9 KOs.

He has been matched fairly impressively in his 3 fights since his return, learning fights, fights to throw off the cobwebs. Now is the time to show what he can do. His next fight Vs  Marcelo Luiz Nascimento is a step up from the previous three. He has been in with Chambers (lost points last time out) and Parker (TKO loss rd 7) and although he has lost 7 he has won 15 of his 17 wins by KO, so holds some power and is a little dangerous. A good test for Dillain.

Where do I think Dillian will be in 12 months? He needs to keep busy, perhaps 8 fights this year, 4 awkward journeymen, then perhaps some top 35 ranked fighters. This man has talent, serious talent and some awesome power. Of all the up and coming heavyweights that I have seen around the world he is the most technically gifted and the one with a huge future, reminds me of a prime Herbie Hide, with a lot more ability though.

Adam Etches.

Perhaps the most underrated boxer in Britain, Adam has just continued to fight and win and fight and win and gain valuable experience, seemingly quite happy to do all this under the radar of the so called "bigger" names such as Ryder, Saunders, Eubank Jr, etc. Adam is the IBF International Middleweight Belt holder and will defend this on March 28th in Sheffield. A record of 18 fights, 18 wins and 15 KOs demands respect and this is the year in my opinion that the world (not just Britain) sits up and takes some notice of this level headed young man.

Fights for the British and European belts loom large on the horizon for this year, ideally a fight for both in one fight against perhaps John Ryder, would be ideal, although the politics of the boxing world sadly may mean this doesn't happen.

Where do I think Adam will be in 12 months? He will be knocking on the doors of Peter Quillin and Miguel Cotto. Yes! That is how highly I rate this young man. Whether those fights will happen is not likely in 12 months time, I can see him having a shot at Saunders' world title (should he win it) and I also think he will eclipse Eubank Jr in the next 12 months, with his "normal bloke" attitude. Ryder will be a big name casualty at the hands of Etches this year. In 18 months Adam will be a world champion, no doubt about this in my mind at all.

In summary these 2 young fighters have the world at their feet.  They have the ability and the desire, now they just have to take their chances as and when they arrive. The next twelve months are huge for both of them.

I wish them well...

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Review Of 2014 (Part 1/3) KO OF THE YEAR.

Stoppages/KOs Of The Year.

Several (hundred) contenders for this accolade!!

There are some great one punch finishes, some superb technical KOs with an accumulation of punches to gain the desired result. The devastating KO is almost always more preferable to the technical 12 round points win. Would you rather watch a Tyson fight or a Mayweather fight, for example...

There could be a very many honourable mentions, far too many to mention in fact, ESPN have given their KO of the year to Wladimir Klitschko's 5th round KO of Kubrat Pulev, which, although good I feel there are better.

My three of the best are:-

Gennady Golovkin's 2nd round KO of Marco Antonio Rubio.

Marvin Sonsona 3rd round KO of Akifumi Shimoda.


Joseph Parker's 4th Round KO of Irineu Beato Costa Junior.

Irineu Beato Costa Junior had just come off a 12 round decision loss to Christian Hammer who was ranked 7th in the world and was a big step up for Parker. Costa Jr brought in with him a big physique and a record of 15 wins, 13 came of which from KO.

It was a superb left-hook right-hand combination that ended it all for Costa in the fourth, giving him his first KO loss. The last right hand is probably making itself felt on the chin of Costa Jr almost a month later!!

It prompted Kevin Barry to say -
"If that doesn't put the shudders into a few heavyweights around the world, I don't know what will." 

I wish all the fighters well.

Still to come Fighter of The Year and Fight Of The Year...

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Super Middleweight Fight Of The Weekend (Preview)...

IBF Super-Middleweight Eliminator.

James DeGale Vs Brandon Gonzales

Whilst all the talk over the last few months and especially the last week has been about the Froch Vs Groves fight, there is another super middleweight fight this weekend at Wembley which is possibly just as important for the fighters involved.

DeGale Vs Gonzales is an IBF eliminator for the right to fight the winner of Froch Vs Groves and is a very intriguing fight indeed.

James DeGale is the former Groves victim who has had an up and down pro career since winning Gold at middleweight at the Bejing Olympics. His career record stands at 18 wins (12 by KO) with 1 loss (against Groves in 2011). Since his defeat to Groves he has gone about his business quietly and effectively, without any of the brash arrogance that he had displayed previously and is now rightly in amongst the best super middleweights in the world (ranked 8 by BoxRec). Saturday night could be a defining night for him and may well lead to a chance of avenging his defeat to Groves.

DeGale's opponent is Brandon Gonzales.The very self confident American is trained by Virgil Hunter who is also the trainer of possibly the best super middleweight in the world - Andre Ward. His record is very similiar to DeGales with 18 wins (10 by KO) and 1 draw and he is ranked 13 in the world by BoxRec.

With most of the world seemingly (according to Sky) interested in the headline fight it is easy to have missed the needle that has been shown by both DeGale and Gonzales camps to each other. 

James DeGale told Sky Sports -
"He [Gonzales] is very good fighter unbeaten and he's confident. He really thinks he's going to win, but the telling factor in this fight is going to be the distance, the rounds, This guy has never had a scheduled 12-rounder. He's never been 12 rounds and in fights - I've watched his last couple of fights - he dies. A good five rounds he has and he dies. I've had about nine scheduled 12-rounders. I've been 12 rounds five times, that's in you. You don't get fit for 12 rounds over a 10-week camp. It takes years. That's what is going to be the telling factor in this fight."

Virgil Hunter responded to that with  - “You went 12 rounds with guys that extended you 12 rounds. These are B league guys that are extending you 12 rounds, Should they have been around after 12 rounds? Considering your pedigree, considering how much you think of yourself?”

An astute response from Hunter. Is DeGale as good as he thinks he is? Can he really challenge at the very, very top level?

Eddie Hearn thinks there is a huge amount of pressure on DeGale -
“There’s a lot of pressure on him [DeGale], because he has to perform well, that’s a difficult ask because really it should be about winning, but when you’re at this level and at this kind of platform, you want to do it in style and make a statement. And that’s what I think he’s preparing himself to do. James DeGale is a real fight for Froch, so there’s no reason why we couldn’t take that fight. Froch Vs DeGale will be another huge fight in British boxing.”

DeGale can't see anything other than a win and is already looking to the future, perhaps a big mistake -  “I’m in the mandatory position to fight the winner [Froch Vs Groves]. It’s not about if they have to fight me; they’ve got to fight me, so I’m in a fantastic position. So whoever wins, they’ll have to fight me within 120 days.”

On Saturday night the time for all the talking will be over and we will see which of these two very good fighters is ready to step up the very elite level of the 168lbs division.

Is DeGale as good as he thinks? Possibly not. I think he believes he would beat Andre Ward if he was fighting him on Saturday, which he might one day, however not yet. Is he ready to challenge at the very, very top level? One day certainly. The fight against Gonzales will give a big indication - to both fighters - of the current level and what the future may possibly hold.

This is certainly going to be a very good technical fight, perhaps even better than the headline fight. A second loss on DeGale's record could be the beginning of the end. A first loss for Gonzales in his first "big" fight will certainly change his future path, if indeed there will be one. 
As always the difference between an also ran and a challenger is a very fine line - on Saturday one of these two will cross that line.

I wish them both well...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Check Hook Boxing Speaks to Joel Brunker.

Check Hook Boxing
Speaks to Joel Brunker.

A Q&A with Joel Brunker by Check Hook Boxing forum members.

Australian 27-0 undefeated featherweight contender 'Aussie' Joel Brunker recently took time out for a Q&A with members of the Check Hook Boxing Forum.

Joel has been steadily climbing up the rankings in all sanctioning organisations. Brunker is rated No. 4 WBO, No. 6 IBF, No. 13 WBA, and No. 15 WBC respectively. Joel made his US debut in 2012 and 2014 could be a big year with Joel readying himself for a future world title shot.
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us Joel:-

Gary Russell jr and Vasyl Lomachenko are fighting for the vacant WBO FW title.
Will you and Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo be fighting for a title shot at the winner?

My team are currently working on my next fight as we speak. I can't reveal too much as nothing is confirmed but we are pushing for a title eliminator and there are a few names in the mix as possibly opponents.

Joel you went to the Olympics in 2004, and the guy who eliminated you went on to win a medal.
I'd like to know what it was like for you going off to Greece to represent your country, and whether the coaching system for the Aussie boxing team provided the fighters with the support they required when training and competing in their events? 

The Olympics were probably the highlight of my career so far. I had only been boxing for three years when I went so I was still pretty green. I did my training with the AIS and they were a great support for the fighters that went over.

Who is your major sponsor Joel. 

Clifford flooring, Killa boxing, Ubox and Vitamin King

I saw you lose a couple of decisions to Paul Fleming as an amateur. One at Fleming’s own gym tournament in Queensland that you should have got the decision. Would you be interested in fighting Paul Fleming as a pro, and how do you think you could beat him?

Paul and I have fought five times in the amateurs, we both won some and lost some but that was long time ago. I think Paul and I are going in different directions in our careers. Plus he is a super featherweight now and I make featherweight comfortably. Anything in the future is a possibility but it is not likely at the moment

I understand you and Billy Dib have sparred on numerous occasions.
A few of us, myself included would like to see you fight Billy (and give him a caning).
How likely is this?

A fight with Billy was something I have always wanted for the Australian public. It has been talked about but that is as far as it has gotten so far. It might be something that could happen in the future but right now I am focused on putting myself in a position to fight for a world title.

You are undefeated after 27 fights. A great platform to work off. Who do you rate your toughest opponent so far?

That is hard to say. The slipperiest and hardest to hit would be Mike Oliver. The best technical boxer would be Ivan Hernandez. Biggest war was Riovalle. Hardest hitter would be Adonis Aguelo

What are your plans for the rest of 2014?
Do your plans involve fighting in the U.S or would you prefer to fight a local opponent in a big local show?
My plans are to take on any fight I need to so I get myself a number 1 spot to fight for a title. I will be fighting in America, it is where the big fights and exposure is. I will hopefully have my next fight organised soon.

What was it like fighting and beating Mike Oliver last up in the States on the Daniel Geale vs Darren Barker card?
Also. Did you get to see the main event? If so what were your thoughts on Geale's loss mate??

It was great! I was not happy with how I fought in that fight but I was happy to be on a big card in America. I was disappointed for Geale, I thought he won that fight.

What is the best advice you could give to young blokes in the amateurs?

Train hard! Be the first in the gym and last to leave. Whenever you feel like you are training your hardest always try and give that little bit extra.

What do you think of Lee Selby? Selby's promoter Eddie Hearn has mentioned you as a possible opponent many times, has the fight been offered?

I have sparred Selby before he is a good fighter. No fight has ever been offered to me but it is a fight that could happen down the track.

Is there a particular world title you have your eye on at the moment? WBA? WBC? IBF? WBO?
Or is it just a matter of where the opportunity might arise for you?

Whoever gives me the shot at a belt I will go for

You've had 2 fights in the US, the first was a devastating 1st round KO, and the second was a solid UD against Mike Oliver.
How has the feedback been from the US considering the good results you've had?

I have been welcomed by the US fan base. I think they really enjoy my come forward fighting style.

The Mexican Edgar Riovalle must have been a wild man? Head clashes and all.

He was a tough one but all Mexicans are. I felt in control of that fight but after the head clash I couldn't see his left hooks coming, too much blood in my eye.

Who did you look up or aspire to be like as a fighter growing up?

Definitely Sugar Ray Leonard

Who are some of the guys you have sparred with and thoughts on their abilities?

Too many to name. One of the toughest and under rated fighters I have sparred would be Ranee Ganoy......... so much power, he is a real monster of a fighter

Who is your favourite active fighter?

Miguel Cotto

Who is your favourite retired fighter?

Sugar Ray Leonard

Joel even recently you've fought a lot of your bouts out of your hometown, Richmond NSW. Is this important to you to keep staging fights there?

I love to fight in Richmond in front of friends and family but I need to take fights in the US, that is where you make a name for yourself.

In your US pro debut in 2012 you cut Carlos Fungenicio in half in the first round with a vicious body shot KO. How was that whole experience? Walk us through the fight?

In that fight with Carlos I hadn’t even settled in yet. I didn’t go into the fight with the intention to go for a fast KO it just happened that way. I wanted to show the fans more of what I had but you can’t argue with a first round KO. I trained in America for 8 weeks for a 100 second fight. I guess it goes to show that if you train hard you fight easy

If you weren't a fighter, what would you be doing?

I would definitely be a runner. I do heaps of it in my training and I have developed a real love for it

Who would you prefer to fight out of Orlando Salido and Evgeny Gradovich?

Either really. Salido because he is a veteran and he would be an amazing test but Gradovich because he is the new kid on the block and is a tough fighter. I guess that doesn’t answer your question but since Salido has gone up weight I will say Gradovich

You have only had 2 fights outside of Australia both in America. Do you have any plans to fight in the UK or Europe and increase your profile slightly more?

If the right fight is offered in the UK I will be on the next plane there. I know a lot of people want me to fight Selby and when the time is right it may happen. I think at the moment we are both just chasing title shots.

What's your walk around weight is and do you think you will stay at 126?

It depends, if I am not training for a fight I can be walking around at 145. I make 126 really comfortably so I think I will stay at this weight for now.

Your last fight was 9 months ago.
I'm guessing this is a longer break than you'd like, are you having difficulty finding suitable opponents, or something else?

I think I heard you were planning to be on the Daniel Geale/Garth Wood undercard, did a fight fall through or am I having a lend of myself?

It has been a long break for me but I think my body needed it. Since I turned pro late in 2008 I have had 27 fights, that is more than 5 a year on average. I was looking at a world title fight when Geale v Wood was happening but it didn’t end up happening. My team are very close to booking me in my next fight and it should be a big one if all goes to plan so stay tuned.

That's fantastic Joel. I think you're answered all our questions. It would be great to get you in again to do a Q&A down the track but once again, thanks for your time.
Feel free to drop by any time to drop some facts or an opinion.

No worries at all, thanks for having me.

Check Hook Boxing would like to thank Joel for his time in answering all the questions asked of him. We wish him well for the future…