Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The night Joshua became one of the three wise kings..

The night Joshua became one of the three wise kings..
My thoughts on the fighters in action at the O2 last weekend - 
Ohara Davies carries a lot of power, he's certainly one for the future, been called out by a lot of "big" names in the lighweight division and wants to fight them all. Some think he should slowly build, however I think he should take up the offer thrown out to him by Scott Cardle. Certainly one to watch. 
By the look of my twitter timeline last saturday night Jamie Mcdonnell is a real class fighter. Sorry to p*ss on some chips here, however he's very, very average in my opinion. Laboured to the 9th round finish, should have had a man of Vargas' ability out of there much, much earlier. 
Matthew Macklin Vs Brian Rose was a good fight, as Froch said a real industry fight. Difficult to see where Rose goes from his defeat last night, whilst I can see Macklin going on to get a shot (even though he missed the weight) at somebody in the IBF top 10, if he steps into the ring with GGG, he'll be stopped in the first. 
Lee Selby had to dig deep, especially after being knocked down. I don't think many thought Hunter would put up the fight that he did, irrespective of his ranking. Not sure about the loss of points for low blows for Hunter didn't look low to me. Selby is moving into his prime nicely and I could see him unifying all the belts. 
Conor Benn seems a very likeable young man. Too early to say whether he's a prospect or not, however all the talk by people who know him feel that he really is the real deal. Did what he needed to do and kept throwing till the ref said stop, that shows the right instincts. Welled up a bit seeing how proud his Dad was afterwards. I look forward to following his journey with great interest. 
George Groves beat Brophy as expected too. He still looks sloppy and misses with his right more than he hits in the first two rounds. That has always been his problem. Let see if Shane McGuigan can finally sort that out. Groves believes he is still getting better, I believe he has been "Cobra'ed". He talked last night about fighting Callum Smith next, if does then it is all over badly and quickly for St George. 
Anthony Joshua. What did we learn? He has power, has precision and he took his chance to finish it when it came along (although I think Martin f**ked up with the count). So we really didn't learn anything that we didn't already know. Having said that Joshua has a belt now and has to be taken seriously. Looks like he's going to fight Malik Scott next (nice easy first defence which he has earned I feel). Charles Martin will go back to being a top 25 HW which is where he was before he got his shot Vs Glazkov. Still don't really know how good he is/was (3 fights ago he fought Tom Dallas). I liked Joshua in the post fight ring interview and thought he came across very well and respectful. 
Joshua spoke about the hype, something I may have mentioned before, his response made me think slightly....
I wish them all well...


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  2. Charles Martin top 25 based on what? He's a fucking shit and always was.

    Joshua needs to fight someone decent before Jesus tells him to fuck off with his wise king bullshit