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Lucas Browne - The Dark Horse Of Heavyweight Boxing.

Lucas Browne - The Big Daddy..

Lucas Browne

Lucas Browne was part of a blog I wrote in April 2012 under another name, he is also mentioned in my picks of 2013 - Click here for that blog. I have written a blog about him when he was due to fight Richard Towers in an eliminator for David Price's Commonwealth Belt and I have been a big cheerleader of his on various fans forums, twitter and facebook.

Suffice to say I am a huge fan of "BigDaddy".

Why am I a big fan? Why am I a big fan of a fighter who is based on the other side of the world from where I live? Ask yourself why is Ricky Hatton Lucas' promoter...

Lucas has had 15 fights winning all of those 15, 14 of which he has won by KO. He has a style that I like with a huge punch. Once he connects correctly then there will only be one outcome. His last fight was against the Japanese heavyweight Masataka Takehara who was dispatched by KO in the first round. Takehara had previously fought Alex Leapai, (Australian No1 by some), and had gained a draw over 6 rounds. Lucas' KO of Takehara in the first round should not be swept aside as many are trying to do. 

Alex Leapai

Lucas' manager Matt Clark and promoter Hatton Promotions obviously think he is heading upwards and onwards as his next fight is against James "Lights Out" Toney. Toney is a legend of the ring and although his best years are far behind him this is a big test for Lucas, he has a lot of experience (74 fights), and has never been stopped, (7 defeats). 

"Lights Out" Toney

This is the "name" that Lucas needs to propel him into the same breath as Charr, Wilder, Boytsov & Helenius, who are all seen as potential world title challengers. In my very honest opinion Browne beats Wilder, Boytsov and Helenius now. Charr will come with a few fights more to gain experience.

I see Browne being the first boxer to KO Toney and then he will have to relocate to Europe to further his career. To have a 16-0 record with 15 stoppages will alert a lot of people in and around the myriad of belts and titles, I could see a shot at the commonwealth title next and then 2 more fights before a title shot, perhaps against Fury...

Time will tell. First he needs to dispatch Toney and then perhaps look at a fight with the like of Ruslan Chagaev or similar in the UK to futher enhance his profile.

Heading for the top...

What I can say without doubt is that Lucas is quite clearly a ferocious talent with TNT in his fists, who will have a shot at the title.

I wish him well... 

Edit - Browne easily defeated Toney with a unanimous points decision, winning every round of the fight.

Browne Vs Toney - Full Fight, CLICK HERE.

With thanks to  for the video..

Edit - Lucas will fight Richard Towers on 25th July in an eliminator for the commonwealth title.


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