Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tyson Fury - Keeping Himself In The Public's Eye.

Love or Loathe him everyone has an opinion on Tyson Fury.

Fury - The king of twitter

Tyson Fury has a habit of dividing opinion in the boxing world. Last night he perhaps went a little too far tweeting - @Tyson_Fury: I'd would of loved to smash Lenox Lewis if he was around now!!

This caused a lot of reaction within twitter with some calling Fury very stupid and that he should have some respect for one the best heavyweights of all time, others were not so polite.

Never one to duck out of a twitter row, Tyson came back with this - @Tyson_Fury: Lennox could not recover after he was hurt. That why all his losses were by KO!

A further barage of abuse was sent Fury's way, each response being batted away by Fury.

Lewis's response was quite short and to the point - @LennoxLewis ☑Gold Medal ☑British ☑European ☑Commonwealth ☑WBC ☑Lineal ☑WBA ☑IBF ☑IBO ☑Ring ☑Undisputed ☑Boxing Hall of Fame

The record of Lennox Lewis speaks for itself and Fury was "clever" choosing Lewis to have a pop at, having previously used MMA fighters, David Haye, Deontay Wilder and others to keep himself in the headlines. 

With a quarter of a million people following Lewis, Fury has guaranteed a lot of exposure, even if it is just on twitter, all publicity is good publicity and has resulted in people such as myself in writing about him!

Haye's brush with the Fury charm wagon on twitter was a few days ago - @Tyson_Fury If David haye takes this fight ill make him f**k his self! 100% getting it ill make him quit like the bitch he is! 
Some people give haye a punchers chance I give him no chance he has a haymaker I have the pay master & play maker! Haye is getting smashed

Fury is hoping to fight David Haye in September this year and whilst some of his episodes on twitter may be frowned on, he will keep himself and subsequently, Haye in the media and this will make money.

Money is, after all, what makes the world go around.

I wish Tyson well...

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  1. Hi John, Fury certainly is outspoken. I fancy him for the Haye fight you know. I created this infographic about the big fight in September. Post it on your blog if you like it.