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David Haye - Fighter or Celebrity?

The question Haye must answer...

David Haye - Boxer
David Haye the charismatic, brash, hugely talented boxer has in recent months/weeks/days been calling out Vitali Klitschko for a shot at Vitali's WBC belt, but the question that needs to be asked is Haye still a fighter or is he some C list celebrity that used to be a boxer? 

In the last 18 months Haye has had 2 fights in a ring, a brawl outside it, has spent some time in a jungle reality show but has continued to call out Vitali for a fight.

Let's go into more detail. In July 2011 Haye fought Wladimir Klitschko for his world title belts (WBA, WBO, IBF), but lost a unanimous points after an extremely poor performance (considering the grandstanding before the fight), which he blamed on his toe being broken. Some months later in Feb 2012 Haye turns up at a post fight press conference between Derek Chisora and Vitali Klitschko. He ends up brawling with Chisora (after the initial pre-planed stunt went wrong), and the 2 men start a build up to a domestic fight. In July 2012 a full year after his last fight Haye beats Chisora by TKO in the 5th after a great display of boxing power and precision. Nov 2012 he enters the reality show I'm a Celebrity get me out of here, eventually coming 3rd.

This week Haye has said Vitali has until the end of the summer to agree to fight him or it's all off. What makes him think 2 fights (1 win, 1 loss) in 18 months make him able to call the shots?

Vitali Klitschko

Granted Haye is big business and his stint in the jungle has shown a different side to him and made him known to a much bigger audience, in much the same way Audley Harrison did when appearing on Come Dancing. Haye is also able to put "bums on seats" and could probably sell the fight on PPV himself, however a fighter needs to be active in order to gain a shot doesn't he? Manuel Charr has been busy calling Haye out to fight him with the winner getting a shot at Vitali. Charr has fought Vitali before when he was outclassed and battered by him before being stopped in the 4th round. In order to get a rematch Charr has to fight a "contender" and Haye is currently classed as not only a contender but also big business.

Charr after his 4th rd loss to Vitali

A fight against Charr is the way to go for Haye in my opinion if he is seriuos about his own legacy. Vitali (45-2, 41 KOs), has never been floored and is the owner of the second-highest heavyweight knockout percentage in history (87.76%), so no matter how good he thinks he is, Haye will need a warm up fight, Charr presents such an opportunity. The only other option is to fight Tyson Fury, but I doubt if either fighter would risk a shot at the belt knowing they could quite easily get KO'd by the other.

David Haye - Celebrity

Haye the supremely self confident man that he is will probably keep on calling out Vitali whilst passing judgements on Price, Fury and the rest of the division and also ignoring Charr's challenge.

I asked at the beginning - Is Haye still a fighter or is he some C list celebrity that used to be a boxer? We will see in the coming weeks/months but at the time of writing he was appearing on lunchtime housewives show Loose Women.

Whatever he decides to do, I wish him well...

(EDIT:- David Haye has now signed to fight Tyson Fury on 28th Sept in Manchester - Edit:- he has pulled out of fighting Fury through injury twice)

(Haye's last fight was 12th July 2012.).

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