Thursday, 24 January 2013

Is David Price Stepping Up?

David Price Vs Tony Thompson.

David Price after his win over Skelton

World title hopeful David Price is fighting the 41 year old former title challenger Tony Thompson on 23rd Feb at the Echo Arena, Liverpool. Is this the step up that fight fans and commentators have been calling for or is he just another over the hill 40 (odd) year old?

Price's last 2 fights were against the 46 year old Matt Skelton (won by KO in round 2) and 41 year old Audley Harrison (won by TKO in the 1st round). Neither fighter pushed Price and both were dispatched very quickly. With a title shot perhaps at the end of 2013 the target for Price he should be looking at fighters that can stretch him and his ability. Tyson Fury has done this and has greatly improved in the last 12-18 months and as a result will be fighting for the title in his next 2 fights.

Tony Thompson

So what will Tony Thompson offer? Will he go the same way as others and be stopped before the 3 rd round?

He comes into this fight with a very good record, something Price's last two opponents have very much lacked. Thompson has a record 39 fights, 36 wins, 24 by KO and 3 losses. His first loss came over points in his 5th fight whilst his other two defeats have come against "The Man", Wladimir Klitschko. He lost to an 11th round KO in 2008 and then in his last fight he lost to a 6th round TKO. Thompson has a very good KO record and will stretch Price further than any other fighter has done in his career so far.

I expect Price to win by a late stoppage. His power and precision being too much for Thompson. The next move after Thompson is vital in Price's journey towards a world title shot and I'm sure Frank Maloney has thought long and hard about who, when and where will be next.

It has to be somebody that is under 35 and is ranked top 10 in the world in my opinion.

Team Price think very highly of Pulev, as do I and a fight against him would be a move in the right direction after Thompson however, both camps might think it too risky, we shall see.

In summary, my headline was "Is David Price Stepping Up?", I would say yes with Thompson, although he and Frank Maloney need to be careful going forward about who they fight.

I wish both Price and Thompson well...


  1. Im a big fan of price and fury. But to say that fury has fought people that can stretch him are not really true. Kevin Johnson and chisora are his best opponents and both ranked way below thompson. Think Johnson is ranked 15th in the us compared to Thompsons no 2 ranking. And we know chisora was in bad condition when they fought. Bit disrespectful to say fury has been testes more than price

    1. Agree Chisora was out of shape when Fury fought him, but Price has not fought anybody close to Chisora's class. Look at who Chisora has fought in the last 18 months. Also Price has fought 2 washed up fighters in his last couple of fights. Fury hasn't done that at all, which is why he is rightly ranked higher than Price. Fury is learning and stretching himself all the time, Price is not, but I blame Maloney for that. To say I am being disrespectful is incorrect, I'm not, I'm just calling it as I see it.

  2. Who was fury fightin in his 15 th fight? Martin Rogan, vinny mandalone? Completely washed up. Thompson is the best figher (apart from maybe an in shape chisora which he was no where near) than either price or fury have fought. U can't deny that

  3. I wouldn't even rank Thompson in my top 15 to be honest, although he is a step up for Price, but will who will Price fight after that? Looking likely Fury could fight Cunningham next who I rank higher than Thompson.

  4. Cunningham is probably better than thompson I agree. I expect fury push for a world title after that fight in maybe 6 months. And price I expect to fight for the European title and get his world title shot in about a year. I think both are better than the rest of the up and coming heavyweights though. Once klit retires I expect these 2 to be the sharing the belts. But currently u can't say that fury has fought anyone better than Thompson apart from chisora. So hard to sayat this moment in time who'll be the more successful boxer out of price and fury.

  5. I am a huge Price fan and have followed him since the 2008 Olympics. I am only saying it how I see it and currently I see Fury just ahead. In the future I agree with you and these 2 will be the dominant forces in the division. There are a few others though that could challenge them.